Our aim is to provide opportunities for people of all genders to engage in awareness, analysis and action focused on development of masculinities that are healthy for individuals and communities. In conjunction with the people whom we are working, we do this through:


Our performances can be tailored to your needs. We can be the main attraction or part of a larger program.

Training and Consultation

We can help you think, plan, and act to create structures that work toward creating healthy masculinities  in your community, school, campus, or organization. Here is a sampling of what we offer:

Dialogue Training – At the core of our work is dialogue. Our trained facilitators bring you through a set of activities structured to enhance your ability to engage effectively in inter and intra group dialogue on some of today’s hot topics.

Developing Men’s Leadership – Effective men’s leadership combines outward “action-oriented” behaviors, such as organizing events, building coalitions, and facilitation with the more personal part of leadership –building connection and coalitions, listening, living by one’s values, and being a model in one’s life. We work with you to create the leadership models you want to create.

Bystander Intervention – Bystander intervention is a tool for creating a caring, compassionate community, and is a great framework to enhance your skills to be outstanding community members. We offer a generalized training, or a training specific to topics related to creating healthy masculinities and/or violence prevention.

Intersectional Approaches to Working with Men – “Men” is a broad category. Race, class, sexuality, nationality, age, ability, and other identities intersect to create different experiences, perspectives, and different relationships with masculinity, and with systems of power. We facilitate the development of skills to effectively incorporate these differences in working to develop healthy and authentic masculinities.

We are happy to work with you to create specialized training and workshops.

Program & Curriculum Development

Want to create a Phallacies program of your own? We are happy to provide training and technical assistance at all stages of your process.


We are happy to speak with you to tailor our services to your needs.