Here is a partial list of clients:

Suffolk University

Lasell College

Boston University

Williams College

Miami University

Xavier University

University of Cincinnati

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

State University of New York at Cortland


Williston Northampton High School

Gateway Regional High School

Turners Falls high School

Safe Schools Conference

Massachusetts Rural Domestic and Sexual Violence Project

West Chester University

Benoit College

Gender Equality and Gender-Based Violence Programme at United Nations Development Programme Albania


And what they are saying:


Very moving! I cried and laughed…

Loved this! It’s so great to see men taking charge of bringing this to the world! Would love to have them perform at my high school.

Informative. Loved how young men take on responsibility to educate on subjects in which they are subject to (stigma) themselves.

What a challenging topic; right on the material/scripts.

Extremely relevant, professional and fun!


This should be in all schools-grade to grade curriculum! Performance was great!

So So Good!!

Powerful! Very Moving!

Fantastic! I need more men willing to do more like this. Modeling was great.

So great! Wonderful that you are bringing this to schools

So funny and I valued this so much.

Seeing men hold this gives me hope. Very authentic and beautiful.

Very refreshing to see.

Did a great job. Serious but funny very formally and professionally.

Spectacular, powerful, poignant

Wonderful performance. I look forward to bringing Phallacies to my campus community.

Funny emotional, “easy” way into a hard issue

Absolutely amazing!!

Can we clone them?